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Farm Activities

Come and experience real Farm Life and hospitality at Randrivier

Farming activities at Randrivier are quite diverse and labor intensive and it is necessary to spread the work load over the year and utilise the available workforce as good as possible. We produce grapes for winemaking, which we deliver to Rodezandt Co-op, peaches and apricots for the canning industry, and Stone fruit and Citrus for the export and local fresh markets. We start harvesting in November with Nectarines and end July with Lemons.

We are farming 5 small farms in a 4km radius as a unit

Randrivier A

7ha (Opstal) The guesthouse, pack house and work shops are on this main farm from where all operations are controlled. On this farm the production of plums and grapes as well as the sorting and packing of all the other farms' fruit are being done.

Randrivier B

6 ha (Oorkant) The Willemnels river is running through this piece of land and the production of wine grapes and peaches for the canning industry takes place there. You will also find a historical stone bridge over the water canal and siphon where the canal crosses the river.

Randrivier C

3,5ha ( Vark kamp) This one is next to the R62 and all the laborers cottages are there, also the production of plums are taking place there.

Randrivier D

15ha (In die Bos). This farm is next to the golf course and is used for the production of wine grapes, plums, peaches, nectarines and apricots. There is a farm dam where fishing can be done if you bring your own tackle.

Randrivier E

34Ha (Die Eiland). This farm is in the basin of the Breëde river and there are plenty water streams and fish and bird life. Citrus and Red wine grapes are being produced on this farm. As you have to cross the flood plains of the Breëde river on this land you will need a car or van with high ground clearance. Drive carefully or you will have to park your car at the entrance and have a walk into the area. There is a bridge that takes you over a stream on to the Ram Island. Be aware of the possibility to spot some snakes like Cape Cobra and Puff adder. For fishing bring your own tackle.

To visit these Farms:

  • You need to stay at Randrivier Guesthouse for more than 1 day.( you need time to do it)
  • On prior arrangement with management (we need to know who goes where & how to find them.)
  • Every one exploring and taking part in activities on Randriviers farms is doing so on their own risk.